Good morning, RVA: ERA, a regional housing framework, and a redistricting update

From Good Morning RVA

The Partnership for Housing Affordability has released their Richmond Regional Housing Framework, and you can download a PDF summary here. First, the region decides to work together on transportation, and now they’ve decide they’ll work together on housing? What next? Education?? Anyway, this framework has been a long time coming and you should take the time to read through it. The very first recommended solution in the document, a document setting the affordable housing strategy for the entire region, is to change zoning to allow for “more multifamily development on parcels currently zoned for low-density uses.” Like I wrote yesterday, I am honestly excited to have the conversations locally, and, I guess, regionally, about how to gently increase density through duplexes, triplexes, and accessory dwelling units. Maybe with the folks behind the Partnership for Housing Affordability supporting them, elected leaders will be a bit bolder with their policies and their votes. Anyway, read through this whole thing, because it’s not just about density. It’s got strategies and recommendations for public housing, manufactured home communities, Housing Choice Vouchers, all kinds of things. I’ll dig in more soon, but I now await the Housing People to let me know what they think!