Laura Lafayette: Richmond Realtors Leader Stresses Affordable Housing

Laura Lafayette, once a divinity graduate student and now CEO of the Richmond Association of Realtors, is a champion for affordable housing.

“Where a child is born should not determine the quality of life,” she said in a 2010 interview with the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Everyone wants their streets to be safe, no matter where a child lives.”

Lafayette is executive director of Partnership for Housing Affordability, a nonprofit affiliated with the Realtors association, a position she has held since the partnership was formed in 2004.

“During the past year or so, I’m really pleased that through the Partnership for Housing Affordability, we’ve been able to broaden and deepen the conversation about housing affordability and its connection to many other critical issues – land use, educational achievement, workforce preparedness and our region’s economic viability and competitiveness,” she said.