Public Outreach Summary

From March to July 2019, 30 meetings were held across the Richmond region, which, including survey responses, engaged over 900 people.

• 16 Community Listening Sessions (178 people)
• 6 Stakeholder Group Sessions (52 people)
• 8 Public Meetings (189 people)

• Survey Responses (274 people)
• Community Events (225 people)

Who Participated?

• Residents of City of Richmond 47.55%; Residents of Henrico County 21.89%; Residents of Hanover 15.09%; Residents of Chesterfield 12.45%
• 56% household income >$75k; 21% household income $50k-$74,999; 19% household income $25k-$49,999; 4% household income <$25k
• Social workers, Advocates, Teachers, Residents, Community Volunteers
• 42% Homeowners and 26% Renters
• 74% White, 21% Black, 2.6% Hispanic/Latinx
• 33% Male, 67% Female

How did attendees want to be involved?

• Attend public hearings in support of strategies 30%
• Write your elected official in support of specific strategies 14%
• Become an affordable housing ambassador 21%
• Be a community advocate 20%

Suggested Solutions

The solutions and strategies have been proposed by community members. They will be considered in the adaptation of the Regional Housing Framework.

Priority Strategies

• Support the Community Land Trust Model
• Allow/Support Accessory Dwelling Units
• Advertise and Expand Tax Relief for Seniors
• Change rental screening standards to allow for more felons, lower credit scores, and prior eviction judgements
• Inclusionary Zoning
• Manufactured Housing
• Diverse Housing Types
• Increase density in housing
• Increase transit-oriented development/transit ready development
• Focus on existing stock of housing/rehab loans and grants
• Rentals for seniors and persons with disabilities
• Allow for smaller lots/homes/developments
• Build civic infrastructure and advocacy around issues

Additional Strategies Recommended

• Mixed-income partnerships between private and non-profit developers
• 3D printed homes/production innovation
• Establish a fund for post-closing assistance
• Consumer education around predatory practices
• Navigation help for seniors living alone
• Incentivize landlords to not sell properties or sell to residents in the community
• Address bias in the rental process

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