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PHA Annual Report 2020

On January 15th, 2020, the Partnership for Housing Affordability launched the Richmond Regional Housing Framework to collaboratively address the region’s housing challenges for years to come. Shortly after, the onset of COVID-19 ushered in swift… more

Fast Facts – Richmond

The City is relatively affordable to middle- and upper-income households, but low-income households are more likely to be cost burdened than not. This cost burden is most prevalent in renters earning less than 50% Area… more

Fast Facts – Henrico

Nearly 70% of Henrico’s low-income households are cost burdened today (below 80% of Area Median Income). These households will grow more than any other income group between now and 2040.

Fast Facts – Hanover

Of all the cost-burdened households in Hanover, one in two earns more than $35,000, and one in seven earns more than $75,000.

Fast Facts – Chesterfield

Most of the region’s job growth in the next decade will be occupations whose wages require monthly housing costs of $1,000 or less. Chesterfield will need to find homes for roughly 575 new low-income (below… more

Regional Housing Framework Summary

Imagine, for a moment, what the region might look like in 20 years under a new housing framework. It would mean nationally-recognized manufacturing and technology businesses investing in new facilities along the I-95 corridor in… more

RRHF Richmond Locality Summary

Richmond is undergoing major transformation. Most consider it for the better, but not everyone benefits. Despite some progress, Richmond is still very unequal—especially in communities of color currently seeing investments that threaten long-term residents. By… more

RRHF Henrico Locality Summary

Henrico County is home to progress—in the form of job growth, public service enhancements, and neighborhood revitalization. But to move forward, Henrico must ensure housing opportunities for all residents. Many workers can not afford to… more

RRHF Hanover Locality Summary

Hanover is a county in transition. Today, it looks to balance demand for growth with its rural character. As residents seek more affordable and denser housing choices, the county must consider supporting new types of… more

RRHF Chesterfield Locality Summary

Chesterfield is a prosperous, growing county. It consistently adds 5,000 new residents annually, and this growth is expected to continue for the next two decades. But it is not without challenges. By 2030, Chesterfield will… more

RRHF Ashland Locality Summary

Although Ashland is surrounded by the residential and commercial growth of Hanover, the town has retained its idyllic charm and historic neighborhoods. Given that fifty-percent of the town’s homes are not single-family, detached units, Ashland… more

Senior Housing Study

The Partnership for Housing Affordability (PHA) was founded by the Richmond Association of REALTORS® in 2004. PHA’s mission is to promote affordable housing policies and developments through education, coordination, and leadership. To accomplish this mission,… more

Realizing One Richmond: A Roadmap for Organizational Change

This document was produced on behalf of Mayor Stoney by Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Thad Williamson in the Mayor’s Office, working in close collaboration with Chief Administrative Officer Selena Cuffee-Glenn and the executive leadership team… more

Understanding the Myths and Realities of Manufactured Housing

Beginning in 2014, deteriorating conditions at a mobile home park in the City of Richmond attracted the attention of affordable housing providers and advocates. In the months that followed, these stakeholders organized to help find… more

Housing the Richmond Region: Needs, Impediments, and Strategies

The Capital Region Collaborative (CRC), a joint effort of the Richmond Regional Planning District Commission and the Greater Richmond Chamber, asked the Partnership for Housing Affordability (PHA) to lead the CRC’s efforts to convene a… more

City of Richmond Affordable Housing Strategy

The City of Richmond(City) retained David Paul Rosen & Associates (DRA) to prepare a Comprehensive Affordable Housing Strategy and Affordable Housing Trust Fund Study for the City. The goal of the Study is to assist… more

Housing the Future Workforce in the Hampton Roads Region

A vibrant and sustainable regional economy depends on the availability of a sufficient supply of housing—of the right types and prices and in the right locations—to accommodate the future workforce in Hampton Roads. Housing, along… more

The State of Housing in Richmond

The State of Housing in Richmond Demographics Income Poverty Housing Tenure Cost Burdened Opportunity VIEW REPORT.

RRPDC Employment Density Map

Transit Service Coverage, Housing Density & Employment in the Richmond Region VIEW MAP.

VCU Presentation: Perspectives on the Housing Affordability Gap in the Richmond Region

COMMUNITY-ENGAGEMENT PROCESS Interviews with 12 regional experts (Summer/Fall 2014) Nonprofit housing advocates and service providers Government agency staff, and Foundations Survey of 162 regional stakeholders (Fall 2014) Elected Officials Nonprofit housing advocates and service providers… more

Virginia Tech Presentation: Housing the Richmond Region

Virginia Tech Presentation: Housing the Richmond Region The Richmond Regional Planning District faces a big challenge: an annual housing affordability deficit of $862 million, averaging $6,422 per cost-burdened household. READ MORE.
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